placito asked - "First of all thank you for making a tumblr so i can harass you constantly. Secondly, you've worked with some great people on "White Women" is there anyone you would really like to work with next (fingers crossed)?"


Haim, Blood Orange, Maxwell, Jamiroquai, Sasha Go Hard. 

chromeo now knows i exist

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Morning after pill made my period come really early and I am kind of freaked out by it. Has anyone else had this issue before?

question4cisladies: I just had a full on orgasm in a dream, has that happened to anyone else? Is it normal? Normally it isn’t like this. Need answers.

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Anonymous asked - "Will you be okay?"

I’ll never be okay

Anonymous asked - "That's fair enough. I just hate the thought of you unhappy. I'm kind like that."

yes it is incredibly kind of you to worry about my well being

Anonymous asked - "I could travel up north and sneak you cigarettes."

you could do that but I don’t need you to do it

Anonymous asked - "I wish I could help :("

no one can help

Anonymous asked - "I feel very deeply for you."

thank you. It’s very difficult for me right now

Anonymous asked - "Why can't you smoke?"

I’m staying with family

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I like to imagine you and me dancing in the clouds

crying about not being able to smoke until Thursday

You’re the one that I miss
From last summer when I’d stolen a kiss

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having to pretend that I am worried for my Israeli cousin was the worst part of tonight

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fuck this

Perfect relationship.

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